Few universities presently offer globally available online degrees, despite the rapidly growing market. Developing nations must provide skilled workers to promote economic growth, but often lack the academic resources. Consequently, foreign universities that offer affordable, quality online degrees can benefit local universities and economies in developing countries. The ability for entry level workers to earn degrees and for employees to add new skills is essential to attract and retain industry. 

Global Demand for Borderless Online Degrees (2022) explains the benefits of online degrees for developing nations and online providers. The text also introduces online student-centered pedagogy designed to promote online success. The text describes how to provide effective, and profitable online training. Teaching to a global market requires and understanding of the cultural, financial, and legal issues. There are also academic and business factors that must be addressed in delivering quality programs that are marketable and cost effective. The purpose of the book is to review how to reach emerging international markets, increase access to education, and do so at a profit.

When I offered the first international online courses in Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands, many local teachers thought online learning was not the Pacific Way. The students had a different opinion: 


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